Secondary / Other

Employability Improvement Program

Purchase of Training { Secondary / Other}

To assist individuals to overcome significant employment barriers that prevents the successful integration and maintenance with the local labour market.


Program Description:
The Purchase of Training / Income Support Component is based upon a client centered approach and is used to achieve;

  •  improved employability,
  • skill enhancement and increased savings


Types of training could included:

•     Preparation for Vocational Training; •     Language Training;
•     Vocational Training; •     Training of Apprentices;
•     Preparation for Employment; •     Occupational Orientation.



Training may be implemented on a full-time or more than 25 hours per week and less than 40 hours or part-time basis [with part-time defined as less than 25 hours and a minimum duration of 10 hours of instruction per week].


Eligible Participants:  In addition to those previously stated under Eligibility Requirements

  • Individuals deemed to be Unemployed/Employed Disadvantaged;
  • Individuals no longer required by law to attend school [and face serious labour market difficulties] and ( for Vocational Prep/OSSD) have been out of school for the past 12 consecutive months;
  • Attending school for fewer than 20 days does not count as regular attendance at school.  Attending school outside of working hours while holding a full-time job does not constitute attendance at a school.
  • School is defined as a primary or secondary school in which there is compulsory attendance or an educational institution identified as part of the regular school system.



Financial Limitations:

  • Contribution to Course Cost/Tuition [partial/full]
  • Income Support and/or Supplementary Allowances [commuting, living away from home, dependant care, trainee travel and disability allowance] refer to the financial assistance available to help cover the expenses directly related to their participation in the course or program of training.



The student must apply in person with the Career Development Officer to ensure that all application procedures listed below are fully completed.  Applications must be completed no later than one month prior to course start date.


To apply the student MUST:

  1. Complete a Client Information Form for educational assistance.
  2. Provide Social Insurance Number Card for verification or acceptable proof of Social Insurance Number.
  3. Submit a program outline.
  4. Submit a copy of their class schedule / booklist.
  5. If applicable, the student must submit a copy of their tuition bill.
  6. If applicable, the student must submit grades from the previous semester.
  7. The student must meet with the Career Development Officer to develop an individual Career Action Plan / Career Assessment.
  8. Letter of Request (for financial assistance).




  • Courses may extend up to a maximum of 52 weeks


Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Training Institutions such as Iohahi:io and T.R. Leger

Funding Agents

New York State General Equivalency Diploma