Local Purchase – Classroom training

Program Description:
    The Purchase of Training / Income Support Component is based upon a client centered approach and is used to achieve:

  • improved employability
  • skill enhancement and increased earnings


    • Types of training could include:

    • Preparation for Vocational Training
    • Vocational Training
    • Preparation for Employment
    • Language Training
    • Training of Apprentices
    • Occupational Orientation

Training may be implemented on a full or part-time basis [with part-time defined as less than 25 hours but at least 10 hours per week]

Eligible Participants:

    In addition to those previously stated under Eligibility Requirements

  • Individuals no longer required by law to attend school, face serious labour market difficulties, ( For Vocational Prep/OSSD)  been out of school for 12 consecutive months, and have reached the age of 18

Eligible Coordinators:

  • Recognized Educational Institutions [Public/Private Sector/Incorporated Non-Profit]

Financial Limitations:

  • Administration Reimbursements will include wages for administrative staff, mandatory employment – related costs, overhead costs, training costs and participant allowances.
  • Administration costs are normally 3% of training costs.


  • Courses may extend up to a maximum of 52 weeks