Local Project

Combination of Training/Work Experience

Program Description:
Local Projects are designed to develop human resources and provide adjustment assistance for workers facing serious labour market problems.

Projects make it possible for workers who are likely to be unemployed for extended periods to gain training and work experience. The program is aimed at workers with serious problems adjusting to the local labour market.

    Each application must include training and work experience activities. The following factors must be taken into consideration:

  • the quality of the training; and
  • the work experience offered to participants in order that they genuinely increase their chances of participating effectively in the labour market.

Project proposals must show that the participants will increase their employability through work experience and appropriate training while they are working on the project.

Proposals must provide for sound management and acceptable administrative and financial controls. It must also be shown that the participants will receive the supervision, training, orientation and support they need to acquire skills and valid work experience consistent with the goals and objectives of the module. It must also be shown that the project can be completed within the proposed time frame.

Projects must not lead to layoff of employees or volunteers, the substitution of employees who have been laid off or are waiting to be recalled or the substitution of employees who are off because of a work stoppage or labour management dispute.

The activities proposed under a project must not lead to dual employment or competition with existing services. It is essential to ensure that the funding provided by the A.A.M.B. does not result in an unfair competitive advantage, particularly for commercial enterprises.

Projects normally maintain 3 or more participants.

Eligible Participants:

     In addition to those previously stated under Eligibility Requirements

  • Individuals no longer required by law to attend school and face serious labour market difficulties.

Financial Limitations:

Non Profit Organizations:

  • 100% Administration Staff wages and benefits (up to the prevailing wage rate)
  • 100 % Clients wages and benefits up to $10.875/hour or $435 per week
  • Overhead Costs: $50/client/week
  • Training Costs Maximum $8/training hour
  • Special Cost for Disabled up to $10,000 per participant
  • Special/Leasing Costs up to $5,000
  • Capital Costs of up to $10,000 may be provided.

For Profit Sponsors:

  • 100% Administration Staff wages
  • Wage Contribution for participants will normally or be a maximum of 60% of the wages and not more than $10.33 / hour $413 per participant per week (Exceptions will be approved by AAMB)
  • Training Costs Maximum $8/training hour
  • Special / Leasing Costs up to $5,000


Projects may operate a minimum of 16 weeks up to a maximum of 52 weeks.