Job Creation Program

Employment Insurance Projects

Program Description:
The Job Creation project provides for the creation of (temporary) employment to maintain and use the working skills of the clients who are currently drawing Canadian Employment Insurance, have drawn Canadian Employment Insurance in the past three years or have had a maternity/parental leave claim in the past 5 years. Normally EI projects require 3 or more participants. EI participants are eligible for EI benefits wages up to the maximum allowed by Service Canada. The AAMB may provide a minimum amount of overhead funding to cover “additional” expenses to implement the project (i.e. materials and supplies).

Proposals must demonstrate that the jobs created are incremental and additional to employment planned and targeted for the period. Where the jobs result from advancing the scheduled activities of the potential employer, it must be shown that they would not have been created through any other public or private funding arrangement during the duration of the project.

Participants in the project must not take the place of workers or volunteers already employed in order to meet the established objectives. Employers are prohibited from laying-off regular workers and replacing them with workers eligible for EI benefits. If after extensive consultation the AAMB Employment Officer and Programs & Services Officers believes that voluntary layoffs may occur, it will be recommended to the Akwesasne Area Management Board that the proposal be denied.

Eligible Participants: In addition to those previously stated under Eligibility Requirements:

  • Individuals eligible for Employment Insurance Benefits: currently receiving Canadian Employment Insurance benefits; Participants in a Job Creation Project use their entitlement to benefits and do not accumulate weeks of insurable employment. Participation on a project is on a voluntary basis, and individuals are required to continue an active job search while participating on a project; or
  • Individuals who have had a Canadian Employment Insurance claim in the past three (3) years or have had a maternity/parental leave claim in the past five (5) years; and
  • Individuals no longer required by law to attend school and face serious labour market difficulties.

Financial Limitations:

  • Wages: Participants on the program continue to receive their Benefits; however, this may be increased to the prevailing wage rate of the occupation that the individual is performing on the project up to the maximum rate. ($10.875 / hour)
  • In the event that the E.I. maximum rate is lower than the prevailing wage rate, the sponsor will be required to “top up” the wage as their contribution.
  • Mandatory Employment Related Costs: Sponsor will be responsible for E.I., C.P.P., Q.P.P., and Vacation Pay on the Top-up Portion only.
  • Overhead Costs, maximum contribution of $125 per participant per week.

Any exceptions to the above criteria must be subject to Board approval.


Project may operate a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 52 weeks.